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CHARGEtrack is the comprehensive benchmarking tool for monitoring European public EV charging tariffs. A joint initiative between LCP Delta and Eco-Movement, we are collecting, comparing and tracking over time the tariffs being offered by eMSPs (eMobility Service Providers) and CPOs (Chargepoint Operators). With over 2,900 tariffs being monitored daily, accessed through an intuitive web interface, CHARGEtrack allows you to keep track of price trends and position your tariffs more competitively.

The European public EV charging sector is increasingly competitive – but monitoring the competition is tough. 

There are already hundreds of eMobility service providers (eMSPs) and Chargepoint Operators (CPOs) in Europe offering public charging, each setting their own tariffs. These tariffs are notoriously hard to compare. They are disparate, un-normalised, and have a variety of structures that can include subscription fees, energy unit costs, time-based rates, parking fees and overstay charges. This complexity makes it hard and laborious for pricing analysts and executives to monitor the competition and gain an edge through competitive pricing or tariff structures.

CHARGEtrack enables you to search, compare and track 1000s of tariffs

By partnering with Eco-Movement, we provide clients with a one-stop-shop to track and compare tariffs across Europe by both eMSPs & CPOs.

CHARGEtrack allows you to:

  • Access data on tariffs across Europe in one space, with all their pricing components. 

  • Compare all tariffs on a like-for-like basis using LCP Delta’s proprietary driver profiles. 

  • Monitor your close competitors and customise the platform to show you when there are price changes. 

  • Track how these tariffs change over time, by tariff, company and country. 

CHARGEtrack gives you the edge over your competitors. 


With CHARGEtrack, you can: 

  • Make data-driven decisions on your pricing strategy more quickly, setting tariffs that capture market share while maintaining strong margins.

  • React to price changes, new entrants and new tariffs more quickly. 

  • Understand your competitive position through leaderboards, which can be tailored to tracking your tariffs vs your competitors'. 

  • Focus on what matters – by letting CHARGEtrack do the hard work of gathering, comparing and tracking the data, you can answer business critical questions in a fraction of the time and focus on your priorities. 

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