A guide
to absolute bond returns


Steps you can take to make your bonds more resilient.

The combination of soft underwriting conditions and the low interest rate environment presents a major challenge for insurers. This guide looks at why absolute return bonds may fit the bill for insurers looking for good investment returns.

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We work with insurers to help them better understand and manage the risks they face and their capital requirements.

We help organisations to unlock business value from their Solvency II processes.

LCP InsurSight is an analytics and automated trend identification tool for general insurance companies.

We help our insurance clients to develop strong links between their strategy, capital management and risk management processes, improving their chances of business success.

We provide an alternative, external view on the best estimate level of reserves for insurers and also help them understand the key drivers of variability around that best estimate.

Our business-focused approach to validation can help you be confident that your insurance models are robust, and that you are meeting regulatory requirements.

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