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Decarbonisation, decentralisation, and digitalisation are key drivers of the energy transition. This is being experienced by residential customers through increasing electrification of heat and transport, solar and battery solutions to self-generate and store energy, connectable appliances and apps that enable optimisation and control.  
LCP Delta has unrivalled market-leading expertise in the European Home energy sector and can provide a unique perspective which brings together all the home customer options into an easy-to-use set of data, analysis, forecasts, insight and opinion. We can support you to build the right propositions, with the right technology for the right customers in their market or sector. 

Our coverage of downstream home energy is extensive and supports our clients in understanding both their own sector and products connect and interact with other sectors and products in the home. Our offering covers Heat, Solar PV & Residential Batteries, EV Charging, connected home comfort, Home Energy Management (HEM), energy insights and residential flexibility. We can provide you with off-the-shelf and tailored solutions via: 

Consulting and advisory support

We understand customers, market dynamics, low carbon technologies, business models and the impacts of policy and regulatory changes on the downstream energy transition. Typical consulting projects we help our clients with: 

  • Market sizing, forecasting and road-mapping for deployment of new energy technologies and services.
  • Competitive landscape and analysis of key players, technologies and business models.
  • Customer research and insights, client archetypes and policy impact analysis.
  • Strategic advice, due diligence, scenario development and thought leadership. 

Subscription research

Our home energy subscribers can tailor access by technology or topic areas which are most important to them, safe in the knowledge it is based on our vast experience and in-depth understanding of the entire home energy ecosystem. We understand the interactions between different technologies in the home and our subscription services include: 

  • Data, analysis, insight and opinion that enable you to identify, understand and harness the growing opportunities in European home energy markets.
  • Comprehensive reports and viewpoints on issues shaping downstream energy markets today, specific to the different technologies in play. 
  • Dedicated access and ad-hoc support from our service analysts so you can get the most out of your subscription. 

Technology and data

As the energy sector evolves towards decarbonisation, data has emerged as a central pillar, driving decisions. For our home energy clients, we are developing relevant tools that can support you to build the right propositions and remain up to date with developing markets: 

  • CHARGEtrack: Our data platform for benchmarking and monitoring European public EV charging tariffs. CHARGEtrack collects, compares and tracks over 3,000 tariffs being offered by eMSPs and CPOs across Europe. We visualise this data through an intuitive web-based interface, surfacing key analytical workflows, to keep you ahead of the fast-moving EV public charging market.

Training and masterclasses

We offer bespoke training and masterclasses to help your team to understand the complexities and opportunities within home energy, and understand the policies, players and financing that is unlocking this key market.

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