the whole system impact of different generation technologies

Case studies

How LCP advisers helped DECC to identify technologies which can provide greatest benefits to the wide energy system.


LCP was commissioned to support BEIS, formerly DECC, to develop their internal modelling capability so they could better assess the wider impacts of various generation technologies being added to the GB network.

Our solution

In partnership with Frontier Economics, we reviewed the factors that affect whole system costs and developed a framework to categorise these impacts as either generation, capacity, network or balancing costs.

Our modelling approach was developed to quantify these impacts across a wide range of factors including:

  • Generation costs, allowing for the displacement of existing generation due to new technologies
  • Capacity costs, based on generation reliability allowing for intermittency and flexibility
  • Balancing (and Ancillary service) costs, accounting for short term variability due to inaccurate short term forecasts in demand and generation particularly intermittent generation.
  • Network costs, allowing for varying transmission and distribution charging arrangements.

The results

These developments were integrated into our EnVision model (used by BEIS and also known as the DDM). This has allowed BEIS to assess the whole system impact of various technologies, develop policies to incentivise generators to reduce costs they impose to the overall system and identify technologies which provide the greatest benefit to the wider energy system.

We can help our clients with a wide range of issues from whole system modelling to individual power plant and policy impact analysis.

Strategic advice aimed at maximising the benefits and minimising the risks associated with the Capacity Market and Contracts for Difference.

We advise on the optimal dispatch of assets within the wholesale market, forward planning of maintenance activities and valuation of commercial upgrades to plant.

We provide detailed forecasts of the GB and Irish power markets, using our EnVision modelling framework. This can provide both short-term and long-term forecasts of all key system metrics, from system wide to individual assets.

We work extensively in the Irish market, providing market modelling and analysis to investors, generation owners and governments.

Our understanding of market dynamics and modelling experience allow us to offer evidence-based recommendations on complex policy and regulatory issues that allow fully informed decision-making.

We combine bottom-up unit-level modelling with market and policy insights to quantify the value and understand the risk associated with any generation asset. 

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